I'm a 21 year old dude who loves to play music and video games. I have a beautiful girlfriend and my friends are my family. Check my buddies nintendo blog nintendroid++++++++++++++++++++ Music. Blink 182, AVA, +44, Sum 41, The Ghost Inside, Wonder Years, Rise Against, Brand New, Have Heart, All That Remains, Dethklok ... (this list never stops so I give up.) ____________________Video Games. Super Mario RPG, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, all the Final Fantasy games, Halo, Luigi's Mansion, Fire Emblem, Dragon Quest, 'Tales of' Series ... (same thing as before.)

18th October 2014


That durry queen

That durry queen

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13th October 2013

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My girlfriend is absolutely perfect. <3

My girlfriend is absolutely perfect. <3

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24th July 2013

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Things I do when I&#8217;m bored at 3 am.

Things I do when I’m bored at 3 am.

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18th July 2013

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Ashlee gave me a picture of herself when she was a little girl and she was holding a Meowth plushie… She told me she carried that Meowth around everywhere she went but she lost it years and years ago. My birthday was a couple of weeks ago so I decided to get her a present with some of my birthday money… The same Meowth… I really love my girlfriend.

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5th July 2013

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my girlfriend got me the best birthday present ever.

my girlfriend got me the best birthday present ever.

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25th May 2013


I have nothing interesting to say today. I really don’t want to go to work.

19th May 2013

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Dethalbum III

Dethalbum III

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17th May 2013

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this is the coolest hobby I have…. favorite addition to my vinyl collection

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13th May 2013

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deal with it

deal with it

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6th May 2013

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It’s about time I got something to play “Get What You Give” by The Ghost Inside.

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